Shaoting Lin (email | web): holds the position of Postdoctoral Associate at MIT. He earned his Ph.D. degree (2019) at MIT and got his M.S. degree (2013) and B.S. degree (2010) at Tsinghua University. His research, at the intersection of solid mechanics, polymer science, and advanced manufacturing, aims to use multi-scale engineering to push the limit of mechanical and physical properties of soft materials. He published 16 papers as first/co-first/corresponding author in SCI-indexed journals, including Science Advances, Nature Communications, PNAS, and JMPS, including 4 ESI Highly Cited Paper. He was the recipient of the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad (2018), the Student Travel Award of the Haythornthwaite Foundation in Applied Mechanics Division (2016), the Den Hortog Travel Award in Mechanics (2015), Kaifeng Scholarship (Top 10 at Tsinghua University, 2008), National Scholarship (Top 5% at Tsinghua University, 2007). In addition, he was the co-founder of the EASF forum, an online platform for graduate students, postdocs, and young faculties.

Talk details: Fracture and fatigue of ideal polymer networks
Applications of soft materials are usually limited by their mechanical failures. Fracture and fatigue of polymer networks are two important causes of mechanical failures of soft materials. The fracture toughness is usually much higher than the fatigue threshold for randomly crosslinked elastomers and gels. In this talk, I will discuss experiments, theory, and implications of ideal polymer networks with identical fracture toughness and fatigue threshold.