Manuel N. Dominguez (email) is currently a graduate student in Dr. Delia Milliron's lab at the University of Texas at Austin. At UT Austin he has worked on gelation of colloidal nanocrystal through ligand interactions using organic chemistry and has assisted on gelation of colloidal nanocrystals using depletion attraction forces. Manuel is an NSF Fellow, an ACS Scholar, and served in the United States Marine Corps. While at UT he has served as the Outreach Chair for the Chemistry department graduate student council, and the Career Development chair for the MRSEC student leadership council.

Talk details: Colloidal Nanocrystal Gels using Dynamic Covalent Chemistry
Diversity is important in life; it has led to growth and success in my personal endeavors and especially in my academic career. As a Hispanic non-traditional student, I would like to share a bit about my own experiences and journey. This talk will focus on the gelation of nanocrystals using dynamic covalent chemistry as a unique method for the assembly of materials and as enabling a method to reverse and return to a colloidal state.