Kolade Adebowale (email): I completed my undergraduate degree (B.Sc) in chemical engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. I am pursuing my PhD in chemical engineering at Stanford University. My current research aims to understand how viscoelastic hydrogels with tunable stress relaxation properties mediate cancer cell migration. I am extending this work to study immune cell migration and tumor-immune cell interactions in viscoelastic hydrogels, through a NIH F31 (diversity) training fellowship. I plan to continue in academia and will be seeking a post-doctoral position in the next few months. Outside of lab, I enjoy running, the outdoors, photography, science communication, and watching cooking shows.

Talk details: Enhanced substrate stress relaxation promotes filopodia-mediated cell migration
Cancer metastasis is responsible for ~90% of cancer deaths. A key step during metastasis involves migration of cancer cells. By using novel viscoelastic substrates with tunable stress relaxation, we demonstrate that enhanced stress relaxation is a key requirement for robust cell migration on compliant substrates, and we uncover a previously undescribed mode of 2D cell migration.