Justin Bobo (email) is a PhD candidate supervised by Prof. Philip R. LeDuc in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where he also received his MS degree in 2018. Before joining CMU, he received his BS degree in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University along with a Minor in Mathematics. His research interests include neuromechanics, tissue engineering, therapeutics, biosensing, and micro-manufacturing of mimetic systems and flexible electronic devices.

Talk details: Understanding mechanobiology control over neurotransmitter responses through a nerve integrated tissue on chip system
The evolution of tissue on a chip systems holds promise for mimicking the response of biological functionality of physiological systems. One important direction for tissue on a chip approaches are neuron-based systems that could mimic neurological responses and lessen the need for in vivo experimentation. Understanding the neural responses to mechanical stimulation beyond 2D in vitro systems is vital and could provide a platform for future personalized therapeutic and pharmacological strategies.