Chrisy Xiyu Du (email | twitter:@XiyuDu) is a postdoctoral fellow working with Professor Michael Brenner at Harvard University. She earned her PhD in physics from University of Michigan, working with Professor Sharon Glotzer and Professor Greg van Anders. Her research interests lie broadly in soft materials design. She is especially interested in applying theory and simulation techniques to better design materials that can self assemble, and reconfigure, with the aspiration of one-day making materials like the megabots in the movie Big Hero 6.

Besides research, Dr. Du is actively working on promoting diversity in STEM. She was on the Physics Department Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at University of Michigan and earned a Community Engagement Award for her contribution. She is also currently a member of the DSOFT membership committee and was co-chair of the 2019 Soft Matter Gordon Research Seminar.

During the time of quarantine, Dr. Du is taking online hip hop classes to stay active.

Talk details: Building Block and Self-Assembly Design with Magnetic Handshake Materials
Inspired by nature's ability of self-assembling intricate materials, we recently developed a self-assembly platform, magnetic handshake materials, that can create specific binding by encoding magnetic dipole patterns into panel-like building blocks. In this talk, I will introduce the platform, showcase a few experimentally realized examples, and present a design protocol to systematically design specific interactions for self-assembly.